murals, pop art, portraits by Maria Beadell

Artist's statement


In a nutshell.....

I'm a London-based artist, specialising in portraits in figurative styles with surreal, humorous and sexy twists. I am fascinated by people and often take my inspiration from everyday life, topical issues, fantasy, horror and the macabre; as well as more universal themes of love, loss, death and fear. Influences include Frida Kahlo, Dali, Bosch, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Kandinsky and Alberto Vargas to name a few.  I hope my paintings transport the viewer from reality to an escapist, fantasy world for a brief moment and evoke untapped emotions. I mainly work with oils on canvas but have also produced a number of public murals in a variety of paint mediums and am available for commission. 


Public Exhibitions

4-10 August 2016 -  Group show, Stoke Newington Library Gallery, London

9 July 2016 - Urban Art Fair, Brixton, London

18 May 2016 - Private viewing at the Coach and Horses pub, Soho, London

August-September 2015 - Denmark street Murals, Denmark Street, London

Sep 2014 - 'Elevate Art' group show, Stoke Newington Library Gallery, London

May 2014 -  'Art Splash' group show, TriSpace Gallery, Bermondsey, London


Is that it? No..a bit more about me.....

Ever since I was very young I have enjoyed drawing. I'd sit and watch recordings of Rolf Harris' Cartoon Time for hours and copy his cartoons, and invent some of my own. I started to paint and study art seriously during my years in education; where I took my GCSE, A-Level and Foundation course in Art and Design.  Then, due to societal and peer pressures at the time -  and no doubt my own impressionable frame of mind -  I gave it all up to go to university and pursue a conventional career path and life. I finished my studies, found an office job, and a seemingly good social life to boot.  But as satisfying and easy as 'fitting in' is, especially in your early 20's, I always felt a gnawing pang of guilt and sense of disloyalty to myself and all those that had encouraged me to continue with my art.  

Luckily, I had the good fortune to meet a very important person at that time who encouraged and downright coerced me into starting again, to pursue what I had put on the back burner.   I started painting and sketching, experimenting with different mediums and styles never used before.   Always strongly influenced by my own emotions and passions, I am greatly affected by those close to me and much of my early work therefore has focussed on loved ones: friends, family. My later work and mural projects have tapped into a range of topical themes; gentrification, gender identity, history, spirituality and climate change.  

Much of the work displayed on this site represents many of the individuals and dynamics that play and have played an important part in my life over the years. These are therefore very personal works, in which I have tried to tap into my own subconscious.  I like to realistically portray my subjects; but include images, iconography and symbolism borrowed from admired masters such as Bosch and Kandinsky.  These are to not only pay homage to some of the great artists that have influenced me most; but also to lend my own interpretation to the universal themes these artists addressed.   To me, 'art' is a particular perception of reality. We are all influenced everyday by other people's perceptions, by others' realities.  My art is just another example of this point. I don't pretend to be entirely 'original' - no one is - everyone is influenced by something!

Your comments on anything on this site are most welcome- please visit the guestbook or contact me directly. I am also available for commission and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.


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