murals, pop art, portraits by Maria Beadell


21/04/2017 15:11

Corporate Cannibal's gonna eat you like an animal!

The divine Mysti Vine was my muse for this one. Inspiring a series of portraits of my wonderfully talented creative and performer friends; this is a portrait of Mysti in one of her many incarnations as The Corporate Cannibal- a sort of voodoo Goddess/witch. For this act, Mysti dances to Grace...


16/03/2017 17:49

Published fame!

Triple whammy! I was delighted to find out that 'Nan' was chosen to feature in the March issue of Average Arts magazine!, 'Bambi in the Boudoir' was selceted for A5 magazine, Visit my gallery to see the paintings selected. @averagearts #averagearts


15/02/2017 17:24

Feminism and girly stuff: Girl Power at the Brixton Pound!

I am delighted to be hosting my first ever solo exhbition at the Brixton Pound Cafe from 19th february to 5th March. My show is titled 'Girl Power' and as the title suggests, is all about the theme of gender and identity.  In a Trump era, a world where sexism and misogyny is sadly ever-present...


30/11/2016 16:50

Site updated with Summer/Autumn latest....

I've been insanely busy lately and havent had time to update the site over the last few months. It's been a tough time, I've had a all gets on top of you!  In October I took part in the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea Town Hall - a fun event where I managed to shift a lot of...


03/08/2016 22:19

Jedi Jezza! May the Force be with him...

Someone had to do latest painting is of course inspired by the absolute shambles that is British/European/world politics in the wake of Brexit, Trump, etc. Corbyn represents a good and benevolent force in my eyes, so what better to depict him than as the great screen hero himself-...


03/06/2016 02:11

Piano Singalong!

See the painting in:     This painting is a celebration of eight years of the cockney singalong at the Coach by resident pianist Mister Meredith.  I love this pub, I love the singalong. In my opinion, it's the...


03/06/2016 01:30

Dirty Disney! There is always more to something than what meets the eye...

Inspired by a project to paint a friend's door with a pin-up girl meets Bambi character, I decided to embark on a series of small paintings of Disney characters morphed with classic American pin ups a la Alberto Vargas/Playboy style. I've started with three images, each of a classic Disney...


14/02/2016 18:29

New work: Dance for Africa!

I was asked to create a piece for my dance company's forthcoming gala show. The show contains a range of different dance performances and all proceeds raised will go to a wonderful charity called Whisper Orphans. Whisper works in Uganda helping improverished and orphaned children by providing...


20/01/2016 13:27

2016, a time of transformation. A new era is upon us!

I have added two new pieces to the gallery, both inspired by the new year. Every New year brings with it new challenges, hopes, resolutions. After a particularly fruitful 2015 for me both in terms of creative output and spiritual development, I had (and have) high hopes for 2016 being a special...


24/12/2015 19:22

Updated website and new work!

Hi all! I have updated the images on this site with higher-resolution, better quality images, thanks to a good friend Photographer. I've also created sub-sections for my work to make this site easier to navigate. I have also added a few new works that haven't been displayed publicly here before, so...