murals, pop art, portraits by Maria Beadell


14/09/2015 23:18

Never Mind The Gentrification...Denmark Street Murals

Denmark street, legendary music mecca and nicknamed the 'Tin Pan Alley' of London, is suffering the effects of gentrification, progress and change much in the same way as a lot of London.  This illustrious street once hosted household names such as the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton John...


17/08/2015 00:43

I'm your Venus....

Whenever I venture out into my local area, South London, I often see a tall, unusual looking woman in skimpy clothing. I have come to realise after talking to friends and other locals that this woman is something of a famous face in the area, known professionally as 'Jessie' and rather less...


19/01/2015 21:11

Nature Spirit

A recent trip to Canada inspired this piece. I was blown away by the awe and beauty and uncontrolled majesty of nature when travelling through the wilds of British Columbia, and this painting tries to combine these feelings into a mythical scene. The familiar 'wolf-woman' is back, this time...


01/09/2014 20:19

Elevate Art: Aliens!

I was delighted to participate in 'Elevate Art' at Stoke Newington Gallery last week.  The group show featured artists with very different styles and mediums and was a roaring success.   I will certainly be getting involved in the next show so watch this space! For details on the show,...


01/06/2014 20:28

Art Splash!

I had the chance to exhibit my work for the first time ever at 'Art Splash', a group show at the TriSpace Gallery in Bermondsey in May, 2014. Art Splash aims to promote new talent by holding events at galleries where new and emerging artists can display their work. The event was a roaring success,...


01/06/2014 20:12

Colourful Women - A celebration of women

As a recent viral on social media stated 'Women are ****ing awesome', and it's precisely this sentiment that led me, on International Women's Day, to paint a series of portraits of outstanding females - modern 'heroines', if you like. Women's rights is very much a 'hot topic' at the moment, and...


31/12/2013 12:52

New arrival....Little Angel.

Winter has set in and it's getting are my paintings! this one seems a little macabre but never fear, I am in a rather sunny state of mind at the moment! Special aesthetic thanks to the Chapman Brothers and Ossian Brown - whom I borrowed from for this work. Also heavily influenced by...


03/07/2013 17:40

St Patrick and St Mary

I was gripped by a sense of spiriualism when I painted this latest canvas. I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life and seeking spiritual guidance as a possible way to help. St Patrick and St Mary are my two closest guardian angels, according to one advisor. I was therefore inspired to paint them,...


03/04/2013 00:16

Inspirations from Japan: Little Red Riding Hood

My most recent painting has just been added after a bit of a break...Little Red Riding Hood was originally meant to be a forest-scape inspired by the beautiful mountains and forests of Japan, however while painting, it occurred to me how mythical and fantastical the scene looked, despite being...


01/01/2012 18:54

Memento Mori...Everything has to die.

Sounds depressing, but this painting is actually about new beginnings...everything has to make way for new life! 2012 is all about new beginnings, so this work is a celebration of that. On a more aesthetic level, the painting is inspired by Diane Arbus's legendary photo of twins that in...