murals, pop art, portraits by Maria Beadell

Jedi Jezza! May the Force be with him...

03/08/2016 22:19

Someone had to do latest painting is of course inspired by the absolute shambles that is British/European/world politics in the wake of Brexit, Trump, etc. Corbyn represents a good and benevolent force in my eyes, so what better to depict him than as the great screen hero himself- Obi-Wan-Kenobi..wielding his light sabre with that knowing twinkle in his eye. He's like the Good witch Glinda from the Wizard of Oz (in the Hollywood film that is, not the Wicked version!!) He's been challenged constantly by various Dark Forces throughout his leadership, but he always managed to emerge quietly victorious and dignified.  I rarely make political art but I felt compelled to make this, hopefully as a premonition of changing times to come. 


I shall be displaying this painting in the Stoke Newington Library group show from 4-10 August. Do come and check it out!