murals, pop art, portraits by Maria Beadell

Memento Mori...Everything has to die.

01/01/2012 18:54

Sounds depressing, but this painting is actually about new beginnings...everything has to make way for new life! 2012 is all about new beginnings, so this work is a celebration of that. On a more aesthetic level, the painting is inspired by Diane Arbus's legendary photo of twins that in turn inspired Kubrick's cult  classic 'The Shining'. I like gothic and the macabre as may be obvious from my dark paintings, and I think twins are one of life's creepiest enigmas...!! The creepy little girls are standing in an abandoned hospital, decayed, also to symbolise death.  I was also inspired by Victorian memento mori portraits for this painting, which is the main reason why the girls look so stiff and strangely positioned...