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Site updated with Summer/Autumn latest....

30/11/2016 16:50

I've been insanely busy lately and havent had time to update the site over the last few months. It's been a tough time, I've had a all gets on top of you! 

In October I took part in the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea Town Hall - a fun event where I managed to shift a lot of business cards and get interest in my work! Particularly Dirty Disney...

I've added a couple of new paintings to the gallery- 'Demon in the Dust' -  an acrylic painting of an unusual photo I took some years ago. I was fascinated by the colours and the fact that you can see a face both ways up-and they look pretty demonic! 

Ive also just added 'Daisy' a commissioned portrait of the pet dog of some friends. This is only my second ever animal portrait and my first dog! So I'm pretty proud of it. 

In the 'Murals' section in the gallery you'll find my collaborative piece with artist Morganico as part of the 'Save the Brixton Arches' campaign.  Morganico and I painted a mural over the hoardings in front of the former Fishmongers under the railway arches in Brixton's iconic Atlantic Avenue- forced to move after 80 years in business. This is all part of Network Rail's attempt to gentrify (blandify) the area by refurbishing the arches and pushing up rents exponentially as a result. Sadly we've seen a lot of well-loved local businesses being forcibly evicted, not only in Brixton but all over London.   I live close to Brixton and have spent many a wonderful night and day there, enchanted by the quirky nooks and crannies and wonderful mish mash of old and new. Brixton's grittiness and grime are what give it character. It's always been a perfect example of London's eccentric multiculturalism and I was outraged by this 'cleansing' attempt. So Morganico and I spent 5 hours putting together this fitting tribute to both Brixton and the Fishmongers back in September. It was mostly well-received by locals and visitors and got a lot of attention on social media, although now it has sadly been covered up. But the photos here live on! You can also find them on my instagram page: @mariainpaint

Read more about the Save the Brixton Arches campaign:

My collaborative partner Morganico: @morganico_com